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[sticky post] This is the Real Me

I've debated about whether to post this for years. Recently, reading blog posts by a variety of people with related issues, I realized how helpful it is to the reader.

This is the Real MeCollapse )

May. 3rd, 2015

My ex found an old laptop security cable in a box I left at his house. It only had three digits on the combination and he has a laptop now, so he figured 1000 combinations, why not try to find it. He started at 000. By about 400 his arm was getting tired. He took a break and came back to it. At 700 he figured he must be doing it wrong and went to have a nap. Afterward, he decided he'd gone that far, might as well finish.

The combo was 998. I could not stop laughing when he told me.

Why yes. He has far too much time on his hands.


Between the horses of lust and love we are trampled...underfoot.

Possibly my favoritest song line ever. Bragging rights to whoever can name the artist, title andalbum.

I'm trying to resist tweeting the entire playlist song by song. Really really fighting it, but I've loaded it with all my most favoritest songs ever! and it needs to be shared!

Okay, maybe a little manic this morning. Sorry. It's infecting the cats. They're running around again, growling at nothing and jumping up and down from the window sill.

I'm trying to write the final paragraphs of Unbroken, the story that may never see the light of day anyway. What I'm trying to do with it is far too ambitious. Why can't I write a simple story about a boy and a girl? Why do they have to have PTSD and anxiety and shady pasts that have to be explained away in just the right way to make the readers accept them while still keeping them complex enough to be interesting? And why do I have the feeling they are just going to come across as weak?


May. 1st, 2015

Mom (In a text to both twins) : There better be ice cream when I get home.

Girltwin: You can have the stuff that's stuck to the lid.

What's this dog business?

Mom: *goes to the stove to clear up* Where's the sour cream? *grumbles* Probably in the dog's stomach.


Mom: *spies a licked-clean sour cream carton on the living room floor* Yup, in the dog's stomach.

He ate 3/4 of a carton of sour cream. Thankfully, he didn't barf. He's so big he can get stuff off the stove if it's near the edge. I know he's eaten most of a stick of butter twice.

I just read through the story I finished about a month ago. I thought it was horrible when I put it away. Now, not so much. In fact, I quite like it. It's nice when that happens.

Oh, but passive voice. UGH!

And there's this:

The POS car is now officially a piece of junk. I had the air conditioning repaired today and it was less than $200. I'll take it. I had to walk all the way across town twice. I'm so out of shape that I had to lie down after. Even lying in bed hurt.

And there is also this, which I can't remember if I've posted before, but I'm doing it anyway because they make me smile.

The Sims 3

BoyTwin has a Sims game. It has a bladder monitor for the character and you have to make it go to the bathroom. It even shows it, with the pertinent body parts pixeled out.

Too. Much. Realism.


However, the game looks cool.

GirlTwin has just taught me by example. She takes a walk when she wants to work out a problem with her stories. So I tried it. Bingo. Worked the first time.

junewilliams7, I'm still working on Unbroken. It was badly broken, (Ha Ha) but I'm slowly figuring out the problems. The writing workshops are really helping.


My Cat Is A Genius

Sox, the one with white toes in front and white paws in back, has learned how to open my daughter's bedroom door. Her nightstand is right next to the door, and we have the lever type of door handle. First he learned to push it down, and the dog would push the door open. Now he opens the whole thing by himself.

Eragon, the other cat, has his own method of getting out of her bedroom. He learned how to turn on the radio. He also learned that if he does this in the middle of the night, GirlTwin will get fed up with his obnoxious ass and kick him out.

Did I mention that in December they caught at least 10 mice? It's what I got them for.

I'm such a proud kitty-mama.

Now I have to leave to go to my Dad's house.

Apr. 4th, 2015

Went to the city to see the doctor today. On the route and only a little way up the street is the Deseret thrift store, so I always stop in there. Today's haul was good! The twins each got a new shirt. I bought three towels for rags, three coffee mugs (you wouldn't believe the rate at which we break these things). I found two bottom and one top sheets for Girltwin's bed. A simple vase for my lovely roses (I've been using a mason jar). A colorful striped pitcher from Crate & Barrel that coordinates with my Fiesta Ware. And. AND! A dresser for Boytwin's room that fit perfectly in the back of the car. No matter how decrepit Mabel the Sable is getting, it is nice to be able to haul things.

Writing progresses slowly. I'm taking some workshops online, which is fun.

I am craving turkey for Easter, but it's getting too late to prepare and I'm not sure I want to go to all that work. At Thanksgiving I have three days to recover.

I have this fantasy of going into a nice store and buying sets of sheets that all match. My needs are simple.

First Roses

Actually, these aren't the first of 2015, just the first I've picked. Fuzzy, but you get the idea. They smell heavenly.